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"At Citrix, we’re committed to building a world-class ecosystem through open platforms. Our offerings power mission-critical business operations for users, IT and partners, and we provide a number of APIs, SDKs and tools to help you extend and integrate with our services. We’re excited to work with you to make Citrix your platform of choice."

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The (WFAPI) SDK is a collection of APIs allowing developers and system administrators to programmatically access features specific to Citrix VDA

Infrastructure Spotlight

Interested in writing applications for Citrix Netscaler but dont have access to the physcial hardware? Dont know where to obtain the company license to activate your VPX? No problem! Grab the new Netscaler CPX Express and start building your admin tools/devops management script and applications.  Check out the link below and get started!

Citrix Trends and Innovations

IoT in the Enterprise
Interview with Chris Matthieu

We recently had an opportunity to speak again with Chris Matthieu, Director of IoT Engineering at Citrix and a co-founder of Octoblu. In this discussion we explore some of the emerging opportunities for IoT (Internet of Things) in the enterprise.

To start off could you provide a quick overview of Octoblu?

Octoblu is a full stack IoT platform for connecting and automating smart devices, wearables, and REST APIs. The core of the Octoblu stack is an open source called Meshblu that can be deployed as a private, public, or hybrid cloud or even as a mesh network. Octoblu offers a software gateway for connecting sensors to our platform as well as a micro-controller operating system for controlling pins on Raspberry Pis, Arduinos ... [Read More]

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