Agencies mobilize data to serve a fast-growing county with Citrix ShareFile

One of the top 20 fastest growing counties in America, Dallas County, Iowa has nearly doubled in size in the past 10 years. Home to nearly 75 000 residents, the county encompasses 18 cities and 16 townships across an area of nearly 600 square miles.

The Challenge: Provide secure, anywhere, any-device access to information

As the population of Dallas County expands, optimal efficiency and productivity are essential for its assessors, attorneys, nurses, police officers, wardens and other officials to provide effective services. Agency staff members need to be able to access information quickly and easily wherever they may be, whether in the office or on the road, using their choice of devices to meet their needs. They also need to be able to share information with other offices—including images, video and other large files—to support inter-agency collaboration. This increased data mobility can’t come at the expense of security and control; to comply with regulations and protect constituents, records and other information must be safeguarded wherever and however they are accessed.

Решение: Enable secure file sharing with Citrix ShareFile Enterprise

Dallas County uses Citrix ShareFile Enterprise on a NetApp storage system to mobilize data across its agencies and communities. NetApp storage provides simple and fast access, backup and recovery of files, as well as the ability to efficiently store this valuable information, reclaiming up to 70 percent of storage resources through NetApp deduplication. Officials can access and share centrally managed and secured data using any device, over any network. A Microsoft Outlook plug-in makes it simple to share files of any size without leaving the familiar Outlook screen. Citrix ShareFile StorageZone Connectors allow county employees from other offices to securely view and edit files from mobile devices.

Key Benefit

Empower employee mobility with anywhere, any-device data access

“Citrix ShareFile Enterprise on NetApp helps our mobile workforce deliver better service for our constituents while keeping county records secure,” says Todd Noah, information services director for Dallas County. “We also like the fact that it is a joint solution supported by both NetApp and Citrix.” Employees can store, sync and share data from any device, anywhere. Full encryption protects agency records, constituent information and other data while in transit, being edited or at rest.

Unlike other file sharing applications, ShareFile includes the option of cloud-based or on-premises data storage; Dallas County keeps its data secure within its own datacenter, helping it oversee and safeguard data accessed by mobile devices to protect from loss or unauthorized access.

Allow sharing for files of any size—even those too large for email

In the past, county officials lacked a fast and simple way to upload large files on mobile devices or share them with colleagues. ShareFile has increased productivity with the ability for users to upload large files easily from the field—whether an assessor taking property pictures in the field, a county attorney requiring an evidence video, or the Sheriff’s Department documenting an accident or crime scene. Large files can be shared easily regardless of the size restrictions imposed by the email system; employees simply use the ShareFile Outlook plug-in to send a link to a centrally stored copy, with complete control over file access, usage and expiration.

Enable simple, mobile file sharing across offices

With ShareFile StorageZone Connectors, county employees from any office can securely view and edit files shared from any other office, even if they’re stored within shares that would ordinarily be inaccessible from beyond the office’s own network. The same is true for officials using mobile devices, who enjoy the same level of access, viewing and editing functionality, and high-quality user experience as they would on a laptop or desktop computer.

Looking Ahead

As Dallas County continues to grow, its mobile data environment will help its officials deliver public services efficiently throughout its communities while ensuring full protection and privacy for constituent information and other critical agency data.

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Citrix ShareFile Enterprise on NetApp helps our mobile workforce deliver better service for our constituents while keeping county records secure. We also like the fact that it is a joint solution supported by both NetApp and Citrix.
- Todd Noah

Information Services Director

Dallas County, Iowa


Ключевые преимущества

  • Empowers employee mobility with anywhere, any-device data access
  • Allow sharing for files of any size—even those too large for email
  • Enable simple, mobile file sharing across offices

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