Gribskov Municipality

Gribskov is a modern, business-driven municipality and works actively to create a good and stimulating work environment for the municipality of about 3 000 employees. It focuses on finding new and innovative ways to create welfare. The municipality uses approximately 200 different applications, including a large number of dedicated systems.

The Challenge: Cheap, safe, efficient and flexible IT

Municipalities including Gribskov Municipality, have for many years been characterized by a relatively high level of investment in the client part of the overall solution. They regularly had to replace all client PCs, which was costly both in procurement and deployment. The municipality wanted an efficient, safe, and flexible workplace for municipal employees.

Решение: Citrix makes ongoing investments less heavy

"In Gribskov we decided that we would have lower costs on the clients. Because we have Citrix as a key component of our IT application, we can use our material more. Where there was a rule of thumb that PCs need to be replaced about every 3 years, we have PCs from 2006, which are running fine. With 3 000 employees, it is a substantial savings, we do not need to buy new PCs for many employees every 3 years, as current investments are less heavy," says Michel van der Linden, Director of IT in Gribskov.

Security and flexible work

Municipalities have much information about citizens and businesses and citizens in casework. For the safety officer, it is important to know where the data is from.

"The entire Citrix approach means that we are always confident that our data is under control. To some extent, the data is safe in the various systems, and they are access point total. The access is controlled by a rights-effective structure. In addition, Citrix allows employees to access the system from anywhere, whether in the town hall, at home or on a course."

Flexible work attracts employees

"The opportunity to work flexibly makes us an attractive employer who finds it easy to attract employees. For employees, the option to work from home or work part time is needed so that work best fits into their lives. I know positively that this aspect provides increased employee satisfaction, because it makes it easier to get home and work to make ends meet that employees can organize working in a different way than being physically present," says Michel van der Linden.

"The central location of data has also led to greater efficiency of IT operations. Previously, we were influenced by the fact that there were many applications and updates to be installed. We saw the whole client / server concept as cumbersome and time consuming but with Citrix we can install applications and updates, and centrally manage users via an effective structure," continues Michel van der Linden.

BYOD is easy with Citrix

Gribskov took the decision to make Citrix a key element in the use of IT in 2007 when the municipality arose as a result of a merger of Græsted-Gilleleje and Helsinge municipalities.

"We did not, of course, know when the concrete development would come to pass, but we could see that over time would work be affected by many devices. And we see that conditions of staff, who provides service and government services to citizens, would change. We could also see that in the future would increasingly become important to manage the municipality, as it allowed for flexible work and individual opportunities."

"So in 2009 we started talking BYOD, although it was called that! And thanks to Citrix as the basis of our IT application was easy to find out how we would tackle different devices, because we did not need to install everything. It was also easy to roll out - also because the employees in our IT department had the right skills and found it easy to relate to the safety aspects of BYOD. With Citrix, we have been able to combine flexibility in personalization and devices, security and control."

The Result: Citrix supports business models

"We use Citrix because the technology supports the business models of the municipality and makes it possible to realize our strategy. Overall gives Citrix a lower investment level, a higher level of security and a more efficient IT operation. And for the employees providing the opportunity to work flexibly, giving higher employee satisfaction," says Michel van der Linden.

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Overall Citrix gives a lower investment level, a higher level of security and a more efficient IT operation. And for the employees providing the opportunity to work flexibly, giving higher employee satisfaction.
- Michel van der Linden

Director of IT

Gribskov Municipality


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  • Lower costs
  • Increased security
  • Increased efficiency
  • Complete flexibility

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