Mobile application management (MAM)

Keep data secure and increase user productivity by protecting application data

Choose the mobile app management strategy that’s right for your organization

Citrix Endpoint Management provides mobile application management (MAM) options so your organization can select the mobile app management strategy that’s best suited to meet your security and privacy requirements. Protect application data either by leveraging device and platform security or by taking the Citrix Endpoint Management MAM-only approach, which requires no device enrollment. The Citrix Endpoint Management MAM-only approach is ideal for BYOD situations where user privacy prohibits the use of an MDM client or device enrollment and management.

A MAM-only approach to app and data management

Increase productivity with a MAM-first approach

For many enterprises, a mobile app management strategy includes shared devices and apps among its workforce. Citrix Endpoint Management offers a MAM-first approach, where multiple users can access the business applications they need without having to re-enroll each time. When employees log into the device, their personalized mobile application management profiles and preferences are restored. This saves users from redundant tasks and encourages BYOD adoption. 

With many strong security features, the Citrix Endpoint Management MAM-first approach also allows for app-specific controls, such as single sign-on across all apps in the container and the ability to wipe or lock an app. Mobile app management also provides seamless delivery of productivity efficiencies with inter-app workflows.

Provide an additional layer of application security

The Citrix Endpoint Management MAM-only option provides application-level encryption and security policies that aren’t dependent on device security. This essentially provides an additional layer of security, so the risk of data loss is lower in the event a device is compromised. In addition, with Citrix Endpoint Management per-app encryption and containerization, enterprise apps are restricted from sharing data with personal apps. Users can continue to work productively, with the knowledge that their emails, contacts, web searches, and shared files are protected.

Citrix offered the most mature solution that met our business needs. We saw XenMobile as the solution to managing the growing BYOD reality within the bank.
Gerdien Hay
Head of End-User Computing
Standard Bank