Technology in Practice Webinar Series
Mar 29 2018

Mar 29, 2018 | 9:00 AM EST & 2:00 PM EST

Citrix Consulting

Technology in Practice

Webinar Series

Session 1
9:00 AM EST

Session 2
2:00 PM EST

Meltdown & Spectre: Performance Impact and Mitigation Strategies

Recently, a new class of security attacks targeting processor hardware has made headlines. If you're concerned about the potential effects of Meltdown and Spectre on your Citrix implementation, be sure to attend this webinar. Citrix Consulting Enterprise Architects will provide an overview of these vulnerabilities, explain how they can impact Citrix workloads, and provide practical mitigation strategies.

Key topics will include:

  • Challenges and risks of Meltdown and Spectre
  • How they work and how they are different
  • Performance impact and ongoing testing activities

Our experts will help you understand your options for minimizing the effects of Meltdown and Spectre on your Citrix environment. They’ll also provide recommendations for improving performance and scalability across the board.


  • Nicholas Rintalan, Principal Enterprise Architect, Citrix Consulting
  • Martin Zugec, Senior Architect, Technical Marketing

What you will learn

This monthly webinar series presents tips, tricks and technical takeaways from Citrix Consulting engagements spanning virtualization, networking, mobility and cloud. Get the inside scoop on IT trends, new Citrix releases and acquisitions, and solutions to common customer issues.

Each webinar features a live Q&A session that gives you a chance to pick the brains of our top consultants. Additional experts often join the presenters to answer specialized questions related to the monthly topic.

Enterprise architects: the voice of experience

All Technology in Practice webinar presenters are Citrix Consulting Enterprise Architects. This elite group has the deepest technical expertise at Citrix, thanks to 10 or more years of consulting on the largest and most complex customer environments. With their unmatched product knowledge and extensive field experience, these architects are always in high demand.

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