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What is Business Continuity?

Disruptions come in many forms—major or minor, planned or unplanned. Whether your organization needs to complete an office move, prepare for a looming storm or get back to work following an earthquake or fire, you need a way to keep business operations up and running. Datacenter failover and disaster recovery are only part of the picture. Workforce continuity is just as important—making sure people have access to the applications, files and collaboration tools their productivity depends on. Business continuity management helps your organization plan for these scenarios, so you can protect against consequences like lost productivity, lost revenue and reputation damage.

How does Citrix help deliver an effective business continuity plan?

Citrix products ensure uninterrupted productivity for people and guaranteed uptime for IT services. By combining Citrix technologies with business continuity planning best practices, you can provide your employees with seamless and secure access to their apps, data and collaboration tools during any business disruption.

Citrix products for business continuity allow organizations to:

  • Enable seamless workforce productivity during any kind of business disruption, planned or unplanned
  • Protect and control business information by maintaining IT control in the datacenter
  • Simplify continuity planning and operations using the same everyday infrastructure that supports the organization during routine operations

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Explore Citrix products for business continuity:

Citrix Workspace for digital workspaces
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for app and desktop virtualization
Citrix Endpoint Management for mobile app and device management
Citrix Content Collaboration for data sharing and storage
Citrix ADC for application delivery networking
Citrix SD-WAN for WAN virtualization and optimization