Citrix Solutions Help SCL Health Move to Value-based Healthcare

2017 Citrix Innovation Award Showcases Customer Achieving the Extraordinary

ORLANDO, Fla. May 24, 2017 – SCL Health, a faith-based nonprofit healthcare organization, is undergoing a huge transformation as they move to a value-based healthcare model, which means doctors and clinicians can focus more on the quality of care they deliver, not just the number of patients for whom they provide throughout the day. To make this reality possible, SCL Health needed technology that maximized efficiency so doctors and nurses could spend more time with their patients. SCL Health turned to Citrix to find the technology that would help transform patient care.

By moving to a digital workspace based on Citrix Workspace Suite™, the IT team at SCL Health has given clinicians the freedom to move from room to room in the hospital without having to log in multiple times, or even quickly respond to a patient need from home without having to drive to an office or clinic. At the same time, the organization has allowed employees to choose their own devices and has removed thousands of devices from inventory throughout its 13 hospitals across three U.S. states, while still maintaining the security controls required by government-mandated security regulations such as HIPAA. The organization began its evolution several years ago with the opening of a new hospital based on Citrix technology, which ultimately saved the company $300 000 for that hospital. SCL Health has now achieved similar success across all of its hospitals with Citrix solutions, and is transforming the way people experience healthcare.

SCL Health, one of three global finalists for the Citrix Innovation Award, was voted this year’s winner at Citrix Synergy™ 2017.  This award recognizes visionary customers who use Citrix technology to help their organizations thrive, lead change in their industries, and create new business opportunities.

With Citrix solutions, we’ve been able to give our clinicians the freedom to work anywhere, which in turn means they are more efficient with their time. This increased efficiency translates into more time available to spend with patients providing the care they value most. And from an IT perspective, Citrix allows us to address the vision of our business leaders to deliver value-based healthcare while maintaining security and streamlining the budget. IT is no longer perceived as a roadblock, but rather as an enabler of the organization’s success.
Скотт Олдерман (Scott Alderman),
вице-президент по ИТ-операциям
SCL Health
Congratulations to SCL Health for winning this year’s Citrix Innovation Award for excellence in transforming its business in the evolving healthcare industry. By empowering doctors and other health professionals to securely access the data and apps they need to be productive anywhere from any device, SCL Health has dramatically simplified IT to improve patient care. We’re inspired by SCL Health’s commitment to leverage technology to help improve patient care.
Тим Минахан (Tim Minahan)
Директор по маркетингу

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