App Layering

Simplify packaging, updating and delivering applications across any hypervisor, cloud, or end user computing platform.

Demo: Citrix App Layering

Future proof end user computing by delivering apps across any cloud—without repackaging

Citrix App Layering is a Windows workspace management solution that simplifies packaging, updating, and delivering applications and managing images. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional application installs within gold images or for admins dealing with legacy application virtualization and agent-based PC management tools.

Key benefits of App Layering

Deploy on any infrastructure in minutes with Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware desktop virtualization platform integration.

Package and deliver all apps, including apps with deep OS dependencies, system services, and early-start drivers.

Deliver applications and personal settings in real-time to the users who need them, at up to 80% less cost for IT.

Eliminate the need to patch multiple images by combining OS and app layers into a single virtual disk.

Easily integrate with other Citrix Cloud services to provide complete secure digital workspaces.

App Layering gives you:

  • Accelerated application delivery with 99.5%+ app compatibility.
  • The option to deliver apps pre-boot for the fastest possible logon times.
  • Single-appliance, scaleout architecture.
  • The flexibility to deliver to any hypervisor or cloud without re-packaging.
  • Real-time app delivery and automated image management.

Technical documentation

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