Experience secure EMM with Citrix Endpoint Management and Android™

Citrix Endpoint Management support for Android makes it simple for IT organizations to implement a safe, flexible and easy-to maintain Android-based mobility platform. Android combines with Citrix Endpoint Management to provide enhanced hardware and software security and comprehensive enterprise mobility management, so IT can increase levels of control while still providing device freedom.

Key features of Citrix Endpoint Management and Android:

  • Hardware-assisted device security
  • Integrated experience with data separation for work and play
  • Secure container to apply policies for business apps
  • Published APIs for managing devices and apps
  • Private app store for business
  • Secure productivity apps

Mobile device management and mobile application management for Android devices

Citrix Endpoint Management provides comprehensive mobile device management for Android devices with security controls such as device password management, rooted device protection and device encryption. Citrix Endpoint Management also provides application level management controls for Android, including application password management and app-level data encryption, two-factor authentication, single sign-on and inter-app policies.

Mobile content/data management

Retain productivity on the go with your Android device and Citrix Content Collaboration, while IT maintains the control it needs to store data on-premises, in the cloud, or both. Users can access, sync and securely share files on Android devices with Citrix Content Collaboration and Endpoint Management.

Mobile productivity apps

Facilitate workflows with the entire family of Citrix Endpoint Management productivity apps (formerly Worx apps) currently available for Android devices. Secure Mail, Secure Web, Secure Tasks, Secure Notes, QuickEdit, ShareConnect and Citrix Content Collaboration all work together as a single integrated system for maximized workflow optimization and an unmatched user experience. A family of integrated apps working together reduces the number of steps it takes to accomplish mobile workflows and allows the user to complete tasks in less time.

Work anywhere with Citrix Endpoint Management and your Android device

Citrix Endpoint Management solution supports shared device technology for Android devices in environments that require multiple users sharing a mobile device.  Many vertical markets require shared device support including hospitality, healthcare, law enforcement and education.  With shared device features users can log-in and log-off on Android devices for access to personalized apps and data.

A new level of security and manageability

With Citrix Endpoint Management, Enterprise IT can build on Android to:

  • Optimize and secure WIFI connections
  • Encrypt sensitive data on end-user phones
  • Manage device passwords
  • Control access to blacklisted apps
  • Wipe sensitive data from compromised devices

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